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The Benefits of Wearing a Nightguard

For some people, wearing a nightguard might seem like an uncomfortable item to take with you to bed. However, studies show that people who wear nightguards have healthier teeth and gums than those who don’t. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of wearing a nightguard. No Pain and No Tension Dentists ensure nightguards are designed with your individual teeth and gum shape in mind. Therefore, you won’t feel any discomfort as they are lightweight, help prevent and eliminate conditions such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Putting an End to Neck Pain and Headaches Individuals who wear nightguards on a regular base find that they experience almost no headaches or neck pain. By making use of a nightguard, everyday aches and pains can be kept in check. Subconscious Clenching and Grinding As we sleep, there is no way of preventing teeth grinding and clenching. This can gradually cause damage to teeth, wear them down and cause fillings to chip and even break. A nightguard prevents these conditions from happening, thus giving you a healthier set of teeth. Stress and Your Teeth Living a stressful life can also cause teeth and gum problems. When you stress, a natural reaction would be to grind your teeth. When you sleep, the sound of you grinding your teeth might keep you awake at night while adding to your already stressful life. However, with the help of a nightguard, the sound of grinding will be eliminated. This will not only keep your teeth healthier but also improve your sleeping patterns. Saving You Preventable Dental Costs With damaged teeth and gums becoming a costly problem to fix and maintain, making use of a nightguard will save you a lot of money in the long run. Since teeth that undergo a lot of strain over a long period of time are difficult to fix and in some cases need orthodontic reconstruction, it is best to prevent serious damage by benefitting from your nightguard.