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3D Imaging. 2D dose.

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3D Imaging.
2D dose.

3D images at 2D radiation levels using Low Dose mode

At whole dental wellness, our new, cutting edge 3D scanner captures beautiful, diagnostic images in the same dose range as 2D X-ray!  We are committed to treating you safely while utilizing the highest end technology available to optimize your care.   This is the whole dental difference!

More safety for you and your patients

When low dose makes the difference.

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While working with children caution is critical. But sometime there are cases where we need more information and 2D imaging just doesn't cut it. With low dose mode, we now get the best of both worlds: the low radiation level of a 2D Panoramic image and the information level of a 3D scan. Rest assured, at whole dental wellness we will treat your kids like they are apart of our family. Because they are.

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Digital surgery is no longer a thing of the future. At whole dental wellness, we are committed to understanding and planning your customized surgery before you ever sit down in our chair. No surprises. By digitally placing your dental implant(s) prior to surgery, your surgeon has already determined the perfect, safe position for your implant to be placed, long before you are numb and comfortable. Only a 3D scan can supply us the necessary information to be 100% certain of the implants optimal position. Yet we often wonder, is the radiation dose worth the added value? With our cutting edge, low dose machine, the answer is simple. YES every time.

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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Everyday we see patients with all the typical indications of sleep apnea. Utilizing our low dose 3D scanner, we now have the perfect tool for our diagnosing and treating this condition with SICAT Air. A low dose 3D scan will show us a detailed picture of your upper airways and focus in our where the problem lies. Our doctors will then determine the best course of treatment for you. Whether we determine a referral to a sleep physician or an at home sleep study is the best care for your individual circumstance, we will work with you to get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.

Minimal radiation at whole dental wellness.

Want to learn more about how our low dose mode is already a game changer?

Read our Orthophos SL user case brochure and find out.