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The problem many people have is the indifference to their toothbrush. There is such a thing as a right and wrong, good and bad toothbrush. You find many people buy the cheapest option, while others still have the sample they received after their dental check-up six months ago.

Electric vs Manual Toothbrush – Which is Best?

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

Regardless of oral condition, electric toothbrushes offer numerous advantages. The entire process of cleaning your teeth is completed using toothbrushes with timers that ensure you get your full two minutes brush.

Others also feature a pressure indicator to tell you if they are brushing too hard, which could damage gums. Too many people are in a hurry and tooth brushing is the one necessity where they slice time for themselves. With an electric toothbrush, however, you accomplish more with reduced hypersensitivity, remove plaque and reduce inflammation. It is also the recommended option for children, especially when they wear braces. Older patients do not have the flexibility to move their hands as they should for proper brushing whereas the electric toothbrush does everything for them. Also, If you lack the ability to direct a manual toothbrush or lack manual dexterity, a power toothbrush wins again.

Manual toothbrush advantages

To name the advantages of a manual toothbrush is simple, it is cheap and easy to use with the multiple head types, shape and recommended length. However, it must be said in favour of manual toothbrushes that they are incredibly easy and straightforward. You place it on your tooth and brush with a circular motion, moving from one to the next until your entire mouth is clean.

Is there a definite winner?

It should be left to individuals. Compared to a manual, a power toothbrush weighs more. Their weight on average is between 6 to 14 oz with another downside; you need to replace the batteries or keep it charged. However, it does offer the user interchangeable heads.

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