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Low carb diets are proven to deliver a balanced lifestyle while still allowing individuals to enjoy feel-good food. These low carb diets, such as Keto, are a proven way of weight loss and other areas of your health, but what is the effect on oral health?

Since childhood, people are taught that sugar promotes disease-causing bacteria in their mouths which, in turn, causes rotten teeth. As scientifically proven, this is correct but what role do carbs play? Carbohydrates provide bacteria in your mouth with the fuel needed to produce acid, therefore, you are adding “fuel to the fire” so to say? This acid causes demineralization which leads to cavities and tooth decay. When you limit both carbs and sugar, you limit the acid erosion on your teeth.

The keto breath

If you are familiar with the Keto diet, you would know about its unpleasant side-effects. The most embarrassing is the bad breath which is called a keto breath. You know your diet is working not only when you see it on your scale, but when you notice the bad breath. When you understand a keto breath, you will understand that it is actually good for your oral health. Your body goes into ketosis during fat conversion into ketones which are by-products of fat. Acetone, an unusable ketone, is released through your lungs and urine, therefore you would experience a keto smell on your breath. This is solved by regular brushing.

Keto and oral health

Ketosis is associated with low-carbs which has a positive effect on your oral health. One of the worst foods is processed sugars, which is something you cut out completely in a keto diet. A keto diet avoids sugar and this is great for reduced cavities and inflammation. The fact that a Keto diet is high in omega-3 fatty acids results in a lowered rate of inflammation and gingivitis.

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