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Many people suffer from gum disease but don’t actually know that they have it and so, the longer they go untreated, the worse the disease becomes and the harder it is to treat. So, what are the first signs of gum disease?

The First Signs of Gum Disease

Swollen Gums

If you have noticed that your gums are swollen or tender then that could be a sign that you are suffering from gum disease. This inflammation is caused by a bacteria that gathers around the teeth and when it is not removed by brushing or flossing it can grow.

Spitting blood

If you notice that you spit out blood after you have brushed your teeth then this is a sign of gum disease. This is also known as gingivitis and is a mild form of gum disease but it can be treated easily with regular brushing and flossing.

Loose Teeth

Should you be able to move your teeth when you push them with your tongue or finger then it could indicate gum disease that has progressed considerably.

Receding Gums

When you take a look at your teeth in the mirror, you might notice that you have space in between your teeth that look like black triangles. If you do have these then it is a sign that your gums are receding.

Plaque Buildup

To prevent plaque from building up you should visit your dentist regularly along with brushing and flossing daily in order to prevent plaque from building up as this can contribute to gum disease. Plaque can turn into tartar and that can lead to a growth in bacteria and eventually gum disease.

Sensitive Teeth

Often, tooth sensitivity can simply mean that you are brushing too hard but it is a symptom of gum diseases. As receding gums expose the root, it means that teeth then become sensitive to both hot and cold food and drink.

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