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The fact is, over half of adults in the US suffer from gum disease. Oftentimes, those with gum disease may not even realize they have the condition, because they don't have any easily observable symptoms. Reversely, those that do realize they need treatment for gum disease often fear painful, expensive, and unfamiliar procedures.

Gum disease begins when a film called plaque accumulates on the teeth and calcium from saliva hardens the plaque—this calcified plaque is called tartar or calculus. Certain types of germs that live in this plaque and calculus damage gum tissue. Your body tries to fight this infection with an inflammatory attack, sending white blood cells to the area to destroy the bacteria. This inflammation causes the tissue to bleed easily when you brush or floss. This stage of the condition is called gingivitis. If the infection and inflammation persist the result is a chronic inflammatory condition where, in addition to the gums, ligament and bone around the teeth are destroyed—often with no symptoms. At this stage it is called periodontitis.

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LANAP Treatment Roseville

LANAP is recommended for Patients that are averse to surgical options, Patients taking medications (you can keep taking your regular medications), Patients that have moderate to severe gum disease.

What you need to know about LANAP?

When we begin the procedure, we clean the tartar from the root surface of your tooth.

Then, the laser is gently inserted between your tooth and gum, by way of a small fiber. Light energy is directed into the affected area and reduces bacteria by eliminating small amounts of diseased gum tissue. This is typically a two-part procedure, which we’ll explain in depth at your consultation. You'll have an initial two hour LANAP treatment in Roseville, at our office. At the first visit, we'll take care of one side of your mouth. At your next visit, we'll treat the other side. Don't worry! It's not a long, drawn-out procedure. In fact, most LANAP treatments are scheduled within a week of one another.

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What to expect after your LANAP procedure

Our patients experience very little pain or bleeding after the procedure and can return to regular activities quickly.

However, after the procedure, we recommend sticking to a diet of soft foods, and avoiding brushing and flossing for about 7 to 10 days. You may experience slight soreness or a throbbing sensation. However, these symptoms are much milder than those from traditional gum surgery. Discomfort is usually well controlled with pain relievers. If your bite feels slightly different, don't worry about that either! Your teeth will adjust and feel normal soon. We will work with you in the months following your procedure to help adjust your bite, which may also include creating splints to help your mouth’s health as your bite adjusts.

We’re proud to offer the LANAP protocol in Roseville as part of our services.

We aim for the best in dental innovation, so we can provide the absolute gold standard of care to all our patients! If you think you are a candidate for LANAP treatment or have further questions on it, call our office at Whole Dental Wellness today and one of our staff would be happy to discuss this with you.

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