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Implant Care and Maintenance

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Just like your natural teeth, implants need TLC.

At whole dental wellness, we believe maintenance is the key to the long-term success and health of your dental implant.  We are committed to working with you to ensure that your implant and the surrounding gum and bone tissue stay as healthy as they were the day your implant was placed.  We will evaluate the health of your implant at every routine hygiene visit and take an x-ray at least once a year to evaluate the bone level surrounding your implant and make sure nothing is changing under the surface.

While they look and feel like natural teeth, implants form very different connections to your gums and bone, necessitating different hygiene techniques and care.  Understanding these differences is essential to properly maintaining oral health.   At whole dental wellness, every member of of our hygiene team is highly trained in the latest techniques to clean and maintain your dental implant.   Should a problem arise around your implant, our hygiene team will diagnose and treat it as quickly and conservatively as possible and alert our periodontist if further care is needed.  Early detection of inflammation is key and we believe prevention is the cure.  We are here for you every step of the way.