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Intraoral Scanner

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CEREC Omnicam

Making a great first impression.  Goo free!

At whole dental wellness, we offer you the best possible treatment with single-visit restorations, digital orthodontics and integrated implantology.  Everytime.

Our CEREC Omnicam

Gone are the days of uncomfortable dental impressions!

Our CEREC Omnicam has revolutionized the patient experience, providing comfortable, “gag-free” impressions every time.   At whole dental wellness, our highly trained assistants are experts in this technology and will work with you to capture a perfect impression.  You will be amazing by the speed, comfort, and quality of the images taken using this technology.

Benefits of the Omnicam


The slim, rounded camera tube allows our team to easily rotate the camera into hard to access areas, optimizing your comfort throughout the experience.

• The first intraoral camera to capture both 2D and 3D data
• Captures half-arch and full-arch impressions with industry-leading speed.  This means shorter, more comfortable appointments
• Anti-shake features automatically eliminate blurry images so we get the perfect picture every time


As the camera moves over your teeth, a lifelike image is displayed in full-color on our monitor, with crisp clarity and impeccable detail


Our CEREC Omnicam captures natural, accurate, lifelike images without messy and uncomfortable impression material