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The Implant Process

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We are here for you every step of the way.

Replacing a single missing tooth with a dental implant typically requires only 4-5 appointments*

1. The consultation appointment:  Step one is a comprehensive consultation with one of our expert dentists.  Required diagnostic x-rays will be taken and before you leave the office our team will provide you with a detailed treatment plan including timing and cost of procedures.  Oftentimes a 3D scan is needed to allow our surgeon to evaluate the exact site where implant placement is being consider, ensuring their is enough bone and no troublesome anatomy in the area and allowing him/her to digitally plan your surgery before it is even scheduled.

2. Stage I surgery: implant placement:  At this appointment, your implant will be placed by one of our expert surgeons.  Dental implants require a healing period before the final crown can be delivered.  Everyone heals at different speeds and depending on the quality and quantity of the bone your dental implant was placed in, this period can range from two to six months.

3. Stage II surgery: healing abutment placement:  If necessary, at this brief appointment, a small incision is made to expose the top of your implant, allowing your doctor to place a healing abutment, which allows your gums to heal and prepare for placement of your new crown.  (In certain cases stage II surgery can be avoided – this will be discussed at your initial consultation appointment).

After placement, the implant was covered to heal underneath the gums.  At stage II surgery, a small incision was made and a healing cap was placed to allow the gum tissue to be molded in preparation for the new crown.

4. Digital impressions:  To make your new crown, an impressions of your implant and surrounding gums are necessary after the implant is fully healed.  At whole dental wellness, we capture this information digitally – you will be amazed at how fast, comfortable, and cool this process is.  Typically these can be taken 2-3 weeks after the healing abutment is placed.

5. Delivery of implant-supported crown:  Your implant supported crown is placed 2-3 weeks after we take a digital impression of the site.  Now you should be smiling and chewing just like when you had your natural tooth!

Therefore, you can see that typically, it takes 4-6 months from initiation of treatment to the day your implant-supported crown is delivered.

*In more complex cases, more appointments will likely be needed but this will all be discussed at your initial consultation with our implant team