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Tooth Extractions

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What is a tooth extraction?

Extractions are the removal of teeth from boney housing in your mouth.

Why may extraction be necessary?

There are several reasons why we may recommend you have a tooth extracted but rest assured, you are in good hands.

Our team of experts is trained to use the most gentle, painless techniques possible if it is decided your tooth must be removed.

Some indications for extraction include:

Extra teeth that block other teeth from coming into the proper position

Baby teeth that don’t fall out in time to allow your permanent teeth to come into position

Removal of crowded teeth in preparation for straightening with braces

Decay that has destroyed too much healthy tooth structure, making saving the tooth no longer possible

Gum disease that has destroyed so much bone that the tooth is loose and no longer has enough support in the jaw

A fractured tooth

Wisdom teeth that are impacted (hidden), infected, or do not have adequate space to be properly maintained

If certain medical concerns present, such as radiation to the head and neck area, cancer treatment, immunocompromised status, treatment of low bone density with certain IV drugs called bisphosphonates, or organ transplant, it may be recommended to have diseased teeth extracted prior to medical treatment. Rest assured, if this is the case, we will work closely with your physician to address any concerns and ensure we have a comprehensive plan that addresses not only your dental concerns, but also your whole body wellness.

Simple extractions

This is the most common type of extraction for teeth that are visible in the mouth and not severely broken down.  Simple extractions have minimal complications and often you are back to you regular routine the next day following this procedure.

Surgical extractions

Surgical extractions are done when the tooth in question is more complicated to remove.  Oftentimes for these types of extractions we will appoint you with one of our specialists, who do these types of extractions routinely every day.

Some situations that may require a surgical removal include teeth that are:

impacted (not visible in your mouth but hiding under your gums)

broken at the gum level

have curved roots

being removed in preparation for a dental implant

Don’t worry, if a surgical extraction is necessary our team will ensure you are comfortably numb and feel zero pain from start to finish.  Oftentimes our surgeons will place 1 or 2 dissolving stitches post extraction to allow the site to heal as quickly as possible.  Our team will review all post care instructions with you and provide you with our after hours number should any questions arise after you leave our practice.