All-On-4 in Roseville

If you’re one of the millions of Americans missing all of your teeth or need extensive work due to dental disease.

An All-on-Four procedure can replace your top and/or bottom teeth in a single arch using four dental implants. Trust Whole Dental Wellness Specialists for one of the best All-on-Four implants in Detroit. We care about our patients and go the extra mile to ensure you receive the oral health you need.

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All on Four Dental Implants Roseville

You can expect your mouth to be a little sensitive for a couple of weeks. You may need to adjust to a soft diet for the first six weeks, which will allow your implants and mouth to heal properly. It’s important to drink plenty of water, at least several eight-ounce glasses a day.

What happens after my All-on-Four procedure?

We will discuss with you when you can return to your normal diet. Make sure not to rinse or touch your incisions for a day or two following your procedure.

A good mouth rinse and carefully brushing your teeth, perhaps with a baby toothbrush, should be part of your healing process. Another idea is to rinse with warm salt water a few times every day. A teaspoon of salt in a cup will do the trick. A couple of other suggestions: you can use an ice pack for 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling and should limit any major physical activities for a few days. Redness and minor bleeding visible in your saliva can occur in the first two days after your procedure. Use a gauze pad directly on the area for half an hour when this occurs.

All on Four Roseville

Top 10 benefits from All-on-Four Implants

  • Comfort: There is no sliding or gum irritation
  • Better taste buds: this procedure leaves the roof of your mouth exposed to allow for a more natural taste function
  • No stains: the teeth are made of porcelain or zirconia, materials that do not collect dark colors from beverages
  • Elimination of health issues: all-on-four implants help fend off periodontal disease
  • Functionality: You will be able to eat food easier than traditional dentures because your jawbone, not your gums, adsorbs pressure from biting down
  • No appearance of false teeth: you won’t feel embarrassed as the prosthesis is attached to the implants, keeping them solidly in place
  • Convenient: No need to remove your dentures every night for cleaning
  • Less surgery: it would be more painful and take several visits to replace each missing tooth
  • Easy care: daily brushing and flossing is easy with implants
  • Save on cost & time: All-on-Four is more cost-effective and time-efficient than other replacement solutions

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