Oral DNA Saliva Testing in Roseville

The intersection of medicine and dentistry.

For decades, dentists and physicians have paid close attention to their respective fields, specializing in medicine pertaining to solely the oral cavity or the body, respectively.

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Oral DNA Testing Roseville

At Whole Dental Wellness, we do saliva testing to help us better pinpoint what is going on in your mouth and guide you on the proper path.

Purpose of saliva test

As healthcare providers, medical or dental, we all need to understand this connection so we can act quickly and appropriately to diagnose and treat the underlying inflammatory problem.

For this reason, in some cases, we may recommend a simple, swish and spit saliva test to determine what bacteria in your mouth are contributing to your periodontal disease, and perhaps other issues going on in your body. These saliva tests help us identify harmful bacteria that threaten your oral and whole body health so we can target our care, aiming to greatly reduce or eliminate these harmful bugs.

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