Rebecca Schwarcz
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Rebecca Schwarcz

The New Jersey native first fell in love with dentistry as a teenager after she had her braces removed and looked in the mirror for the first time. She still remembers how good it felt the first time she saw her healthy, happy smile, and loves helping other patients experience that same feeling by addressing their dental needs.

To do that, Dr. Schwarcz makes sure that her patients are comfortable during their time with her, whether that’s in the dental chair or during a consultation. She believes that patients who understand the treatment options for their dental needs will feel more at ease when it comes time to schedule and undergo their procedures. She creates treatment plans from a holistic perspective, prioritizing overall dental health and functionality to make sure her patients have the healthiest smiles possible.

Dr. Rebecca Schwarcz - Whole Dental Wellness

Community Focused

Dr. Schwarcz’s proudest moments are when she can help a patient restore functionality following a procedure. She loves being able to help patients in her community enjoy the foods they love or feel comfortable smiling in public.

That love of community propelled Dr. Schwarcz to dedicate a year of her career to helping underserved Michiganders with their dental needs, for which she received the 2017 Delta Dental Community Commitment Award.

Dr. Schwarcz also believes that a dentist should be able to showcase their credentials to their community. She is an ADA member, as well as a member of the Michigan Dental Association and the Detroit District Dental Society.

Dr. Schwarcz and her son

A Love Story That Will Make You Smile

Dentistry changed Dr. Schwarcz’s life in more ways than one. After deciding as a teen to pursue a career in dentistry, she spent a year studying in Israel and then got into NYU for her undergraduate degree.

Following a semester abroad in London, she returned to New York to begin preparing for her Dental Admissions Test. One day in class, a charming dental school student from Michigan named Amichai sat next to her and struck up a conversation about teeth. Rebecca smiled, and that was that. Rebecca and Amichai got married shortly after they passed their exams and spent a year living on the beach in Florida before returning to Detroit to begin their professional lives as dentists. They have a 4-year old son and recently welcomed their new baby girl into the world.

A Dentist With A Sweet Tooth??

One of the reasons Dr. Schwarcz’s patients feel so connected to her is that she's not your typical dentist.

Sure, she values exercise and has a great love for the outdoors, long bike rides with her family, and hikes through the woods — but she also has a voracious sweet tooth! Dr. Schwarcz’s newest hobby revolves around exploring the world of bean-to-bar chocolatiers, and she readily admits that those long bike rides... often end at an ice cream shop.

Patients bracing for a lecture about avoiding sweets won’t get one in Dr. Schwarcz’s chair (although she might explain how to make sure to brush really well after enjoying a post-cycling ice cream treat!). To find out how Dr. Schwarcz can help you enjoy your favorite foods again (or to learn about the latest developments in the world of artisanal chocolates), schedule an appointment for a consultation at Whole Dental Wellness today.

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