First Pediatric Dental Visit in Roseville & Birmingham

Prevention and education are the best treatments we can offer. We believe the best dentistry starts at home!

At whole dental wellness, our entire team is highly trained and experienced working with children of all ages. Our goal is to make each and every visit to our office educational and fun for you and your child. Developing good dental hygiene habits from the first tooth will help your child grow healthy teeth, which is essential so they learn to chew properly, speak clearly, and make space for the permanent teeth to come in at the right time in the correct position.

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First Pediatric Dentistry Visit

Whole Dental Wellness believes in education and prevention starting at a young age, to create healthy living habits.

Tips for parents – how to prepare your child for their first visit to our office

    Don’t worry. Our Whole Dental Wellness team members are pros at explaining everything in an age appropriate manner so your child will learn while having fun. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family into our whole dental family!

  • Young children haven’t yet developed a realistic sense of time. We recommend you wait until the day of your appointment to tell your child about their first dental visit. You can get them excited about the adventure, explaining to them that you’re going to visit a tooth doctor who will count their teeth and teach them how to take care of their teeth at home.
  • Creating a positive, non-threatening picture of the visit is key. Try to focus on the adventure of visiting a new place, meeting new people and being the center of attention
  • Do not use words like ‘drill,’ ‘hurt,’ ‘blood,’ ‘shot,’ or ‘needle’ – they elicit a feeling of fear at any age and will only create anxiety
  • If your child has a favorite toy or a blanket that they rely on when they are anxious, please bring it. We will work with anything you bring in to ensure your child has fun during their time with us.
Pediatric Dentistry Roseville

Motivational Charts

Your child will enjoy healthy dental habits when they use these Motivational Charts. Encourage regular brushing or help them break the thumbsucking habit.

Color Brushing Chart

Color Brushing Chart

B&W Brushing Chart

Color Chart

Activity Sheets

Want something fun to do? Print one or all of the below Activity Sheets to see if you can conquer the Dental Crossword Puzzle, find all of the Hidden Toothbrushes, Unscramble the Dental Words, or find the Hidden Dental Words. We know you can do it!

Hidden Toothbrushes

hidden toothbrush

Good Diet

healty foods chart

Hidden Dental Words

hidden dental words

Dental Crossword Puzzle

dental crossword

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